• Whether your tastes lean sweet or savory, there’s one institution that can always be relied on to fulfill a craving: the bakery. Citizens of the USA take much care in the desserts dishes and baked foods. So, bakeries are their best place where they can find their favorite sweet products. They like chocolate cakes, cookies, and much more gourmet products which are packed in wholesale bakery boxes. Many of America’s best bakeries are family-run establishments that take a similar approach and pride in their community. They’re appealing, one-of-a-kind spots where travelers can break to enjoy made-from-scratch pastries that often highlight local ingredients

    Great bakeries are not afraid to evolve or experiment; reinventing classic desserts as well as offering lesser-known European treats.

    So, on your next trip, head to one of these bakeries for a sweet start to the day. We’ve got you covered with this list of the best bakeries in America, serving freshly baked bread, cookies, croissants and cakes in beautiful settings.

    1. Breads Bakery in New York, NY

    This expansive Union Square bakery is prized for its ridiculously indulgent chocolate babka, flaky spiraled rugelach, and airy almond croissants. The venue's bread, too, is unimpeachable: look for classic eggy challah, crisp baguettes, and fruit-studded rolls.

    2. Standard Baking Co. in Portland

    Tucked away in beautiful coastal Portland, this charming bakery turns out far-ranging bread and pastries including French baguettes, German bread, Italian focaccia and more. Absolutely everything is divine; customers rave, in particular, about the chocolate rye cookies, the chocolate chip financiers and the morning buns.

    3. Proof Bakery in Los Angeles 

    Los Angeles best croissants are backed up at this bustling bakery: buttery and flaky, they come stuffed with almond paste, chocolate, and ham and gruyere. Sweets-lovers have plenty of refined, French-influenced pastries to choose from (lemon-pistachio cake, meringue tarts, financiers), while fans of savory won’t go hungry either, with excellent quiches and sandwiches such as croquet monsieur.

    4. Flour Bakery in Boston

    This beloved bakery is a Boston must-visit for food lovers of any stripe. Flour excels at both sweet and savory: in the former category, look for decadent, pecan-loaded sticky buns, moist sour cream coffee cake, and mile-high lemon meringue pie; in the latter, check the excellent whole grain bread and the yummy sandwiches built on it (smoked turkey, curried tuna, roast beef). 

    5. Baked in New York

    If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this Brooklyn bakery is where to sooth it, with display cases heaped with ideal versions of all-American classics including brownies, blondies, and whoopie pies. Its moist, fudgy Sweet and Salty cupcakes are a must, as are its Bookstores, a deeply chocolatey brownie base filled with just-baked chocolate chip cookie dough. 

    6. Floriole Bakery, Chicago

    Originally a stand at Chicago’s Green City Market, Floriole is now a buzzy café in the Lincoln Park neighborhood with expanded offerings of sandwiches, salads, and wood-oven-fired pizza. Baker Sandra Holl’s honey pecan sticky buns, fruit galettes, and buttermilk pannacotta use the finest ingredients, from Valrhona chocolate to European-style butter.


    She has a knack for turning mistakes into inspired treats; a botched batch of pistachio brittle became pistachio croissants with a lemon glaze.

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  • If you have children, the product is the best one for your children. Usually, parents want to have to have the product from the bakery industry that can give their children delicious and sweet taste.  People have become conscious about their products. All the time, they desire to have the products which can be used for multiple purposes. This is the best product of bakery for multiple purposes. It is the product of quick bittersweet that can be used by children. Children like the most delicious products which can be put in their mouth and they remain busy in enjoying the taste of the product. Children also like to have their sweet products in multiple shapes or designs.


    They desire to have the product in multiple attractive shapes and tastes. Parents of children are also concerned about the packaging options of the products. They want to have the best and decorative boxes to pack up the product for the attractive look. You can order wholesale cupcake boxes from packaging blue for best economic and decorative cause.

     How to prepare the cupcake toppers?

    •        Beautiful solid thin sheet
    •        Neat sheet
    •        Need the sharp tipped knife
    •        Lay about 3 to 4 inch in diameter round sheet of starch on a flat surface.
    •       Run the knife through it on the outer edges diagonally making a fine geometrical heart shape pattern and continue the pattern inwards into the materials making about 5 to 6 symmetrical knife runs.
    •      If your first couple of tries goes wrong, don’t worry and perfect a few of them for your cupcakes and insert the bottom tip of the topper heart into the icing on the cake.
    •       Get small sized flags from the market and pin them up on little wooden sticks long enough to be inserted into the cupcake and still have the flag stable on their tops.
    •     Insert the sticks into the cupcake icing and let the flag charm everyone upbringing patriotism out of everyone.
    •       Save the flags for later use if you want after they are removed from the cupcake icing.

    Packaging; an upper priority


    The product of cupcake topper is also presented as gifts. People usually prefer to have the products of bakery whenever they move to visit the home of their friends. They always like to have best gifts to present at various events of their friends and relatives like weddings, birthday and such kind of other occasions. Their psyche of having the products with best option to preserve their status has set. They are much concerned about the things which preserve their status. Status preserving and uplifting are the most important things or factors which impel people to have the products which boost up or uplift their status. For instance, if a person presents a gift in the gathering to his friends whose event is being celebrated in the low materially manufactured box, his status will be low automatically. People will assume that he has low economic status.


    So, they have to invest more in the things or product which possess the quality of preserving quality. The best quality of the packaging is offered to wrap up their gifts for best results. Special types of ribbons are also wrapped around the boxes which provide an eye-grabbing look to the product. High-quality printing options are also presented as per demand and requirement of customers.

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  • The kraft boxes are the most desired packaging that is usually ordered by customers. The paper that is used in the whole process of preparation of the boxes is kraft. Because of natural and pure features of the paper, people always prefer to purchase the boxes which are prepared by the material of kraft. The paper possesses the quality of originality. Brownish color of the paper is another most desired material that is preferred by customers. 


    The natural color of the box has the potential to accept any type of color to make the outer look of the boxes more striking and attractive.

    Kraft packaging

    Packaging has become one of the most important industries. It is ruling minds of people. People have become much aware of their packaging material as well as the packaging demand of customers. They always prefer to have the Kraft boxes which are not only eco-friendly but also natural. The world has been moved toward enhancing trades. For trading purposes, companies always prefer to have the kraft packaging that is more sturdy and safe. Their desire is to have the packaging that provides safety and security. For instance, if a software company sends an electronic device or laptop out of the country by packaging it in the kraft made boxes, if it provides security as per the demand of customers, they will prefer again.


    However, the sale of the box can be decreased if the box fails to protect the inner product. So, high-quality kraft paper is used in the whole process of manufacturing the boxes as per demand and requirement of customers.

    High-quality Printing

    Customers are much concerned about their boxes and packaging patterns. Even companies which order for packaging to pack up their products prefer to order preparation of the boxes in more attractive options. They never compromise on quality. Particularly, printing is the best feature that attracts people toward the products. It is also demanded of customers to provide high-quality printing.  The printing not only makes the outer look of the boxes striking but also increase the sale of the boxes as well as of the products. For instance, if a person purchases a best and branded gift for his friend, but packs it up in the low material, status of the person will not be uplifted.

    So, people invest much in the status preserving products which always uplift status and social status of people. So, the high-quality feature is not ignored during the whole process of manufacturing.

    Why purchase the kraft boxes?

    People always demand to have divergent types of shapes as well as styles what they desire to purchase. They always prefer to have the boxes which are available in multiple shapes. For instance, square boxes, rectangular boxes, and octagonal kraft boxes are the most desired boxes which are ordered for best and decorative packaging.

    There are a number of add-ons which are placed around the boxes for attractive decorative gift options. Packaging Blue provides wholesale kraft boxes that are customized with no shipping charges.

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  • Business card boxes mean a lot to an individual running a small, medium or large organization. This is just a little box of paper, but worth a lot if you are providing services that are in demand. It is very important to manage the cards place in it in the proper way, as your cards are the image of your business. This must be designed in a professional manner so that your customers and targeted customers both can get a positive impression. Aside from the designs and styles, it is of the utmost importance of the manufacturer to add all the relevant information, such as company name(clearly), contact number, email id and the address of the business.

    Business card boxes design is a onetime investment

    Nowadays, several companies are providing the services of business card boxes and most of them claimed to professional in terms of quality. You need to check, which company or a list of companies are suitable to your customized needs. You cannot ask them to make card boxes every second week or month. This is a one-time investment when you order these boxes in a bulk. Some manufacturers are selling their boxes with the tagline, such as business card boxes wholesale price.

    Do some research online for quality, timely service, and pricing

    Whoever needs such services must have to take some recommendations or do some research online. Reviews are best to analyze the reputation of a company, but you need to ensure that these are genuine. The reputation of a box provider does not only depend on the quality, but also on other factors, such as timely service, friendly customer service, attention to detail and so on. Many manufacturers placed their business card boxes for sale at a price that is suitable for small and medium business owners.

    Hire professionals having vast experience in manufacturing card boxes

    Over the years, millions of company around the world are using card boxes to develop strong business relations with customers and companies. It is often difficult to remember, where we place our cards. To solve this, you can have card boxes to ensure that your cards are placed safely. If you are running a packaging company, then you must have the knowledge what is the demand of companies and individuals. People who invest in the business cards mean they are taking them as their marketing or advertising tool. Being a responsible business owner, you must take extra attention to avoid any embarrassing situation.

    It is very important to hire such professionals having vast experience in making card boxes and all other types of packaging boxes. Supervise them at each stage or at least hire a supervisor to have a proper check on their work. Business owners who are satisfied with your quality, pricing and timely service will never leave you until you are inconsistent.

    Major features of these boxes

    Some of the major features that your business card boxes must have are:

    1. Clear Business Name
    2. Describe business services
    3. Add images of your services
    4. Use up to the marking material, color, cut and shape of the box
    5. Contact number
    6. Email
    7. Address

    Add a nice user experience

    You need to be sure that your card boxes show a nice and amazing look to the customers. Many individuals use blank card boxes that are something you must avoid. It is essential to print each and everything on the box, which you think is good to attract more customers. Make sure that these are water resistant, covered with the plastic sheet and are not easy to be destroyed.

    Customization and decency must not be ignored

    Making customized card boxes is an important part of customer experience for your business. The purpose of these boxes is to offer a great way to earn a good reputation in each customer’s mind. You can even buy personalize business card boxes from a manufacturer. Make sure these are noticeable due to the prospect of creativity. These boxes must not have a funky design outside; instead, you need to choose a decent design with all the relevant details. Increase the credibility of this tool and choose a company that set you apart from your competitors.


    Make sure, your cards are able to meet your business requirements

    In addition to all the above-mentioned features, these boxes must provide an easy access to your cards. The opening must be easy for each user to take the cards out and to fill it. The easier it is for the consumers, the easier they will choose a specific manufacturer. In case you need to have a box that has good locked and controlled access, then do some surveys online or visit the service provider office. Take their suggestions on your needs to ensure that they are capable enough to manage all of your requirements. This is one way of fulfilling your needs.

    On the other side, you can give an idea on your own if you think you are creative enough to do this work. In each scenario, it is important to check that you are not compromising on the quality.

    Place these boxes in a strategic suitable place, where there is public access

    If you are running a business, where people come to visit each day to get services, then it is important to place your business card boxes in their place of visit. With state-of-the-art strategies, you can get the best out of your business cards and the boxes. The most common place is the receptionist area, where there is always a public access.

    Business card boxes must improve the process of your operations


    Running a large business means, your business card boxes must be emptied on a regular basis. This shows a sign that your business is incorporated by following a proper strategy. Additionally, a business owner must have improvement plans and the employees are at the proper level to provide right ideas to the business.

    To improve your processes, take suggestions from the customers and customize your boxes according to their feedback.  

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  • If you are a paper and cardstock crafter and you love to get engaged in the papercraft activities, this activity is what you are going to love and like a lot. In this activity, you will see how the poker cards can be used in making boxes that have the poker faces and patterns on them.pl

    These playing card boxes can be made out of a few playing cards that you will use from a deck of the playing cards and you can easily make beautiful playing card box that can be used to pack any small item and it can even be used as a gift box because the pattern, shapes, and faces on playing cards make awesome design.

    Last, but not the least, before I show you how to make these awesome poker boxes, the best thing about them is their material. Most of the good quality poker cards are made out of really high quality and sturdy but flexible material: perfect for boxes.

    Here is how you can make awesome gift boxes out of poker cards:

    1. Material

    Here are all the items that you need in order to make these poker face personalized playing card boxes for any items included playing cards.

    • An old deck of playing cards with a few lose cards – since it is useless, you can use it to make the box

    And this is all that you need to make the box, amazing isn’t it?

    Let us see how to make it!

    2.      Process

    Here is the step by step process of turning the playing cards into tiles and then turning those tiles into a beautiful box.

    • Get one poker card and bend both of its long end sides roughly half an inch inside
    • Remember that the side that you will bend inside should be the numbered or King/Queen etc. side, so as to keep the backside pattern of the card on outside and this beautiful design will be the design of the outside of the box
    • Bend another card in the same way, but it will be put on this side and you will bend it to make a lock on both sides
    • This has given you the first time. Check both sides of the tile have the pattern that you have on back side of the box
    • Do the same procedure to make 4 more tiles
    • Stick to playing card between two such tiles and keep connecting the tiles
    •  4 playing cards used to form a hinge will give you 4 sides of the box
    • Apply the same strategy to make the lid and the bottom of the box.


    And this will give you your playing card box. Use another hinge card to attach one side of the lid to the body of the box and the other side will remain open. Make a mark with the marker to remember which side to open. You can even use them your new playing cards storage boxes.

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