• Making Really Awesome and Poker Face Gift Boxes Out of Playing Cards

    If you are a paper and cardstock crafter and you love to get engaged in the papercraft activities, this activity is what you are going to love and like a lot. In this activity, you will see how the poker cards can be used in making boxes that have the poker faces and patterns on them.pl

    These playing card boxes can be made out of a few playing cards that you will use from a deck of the playing cards and you can easily make beautiful playing card box that can be used to pack any small item and it can even be used as a gift box because the pattern, shapes, and faces on playing cards make awesome design.

    Last, but not the least, before I show you how to make these awesome poker boxes, the best thing about them is their material. Most of the good quality poker cards are made out of really high quality and sturdy but flexible material: perfect for boxes.

    Here is how you can make awesome gift boxes out of poker cards:

    1. Material

    Here are all the items that you need in order to make these poker face personalized playing card boxes for any items included playing cards.

    • An old deck of playing cards with a few lose cards – since it is useless, you can use it to make the box

    And this is all that you need to make the box, amazing isn’t it?

    Let us see how to make it!

    2.      Process

    Here is the step by step process of turning the playing cards into tiles and then turning those tiles into a beautiful box.

    • Get one poker card and bend both of its long end sides roughly half an inch inside
    • Remember that the side that you will bend inside should be the numbered or King/Queen etc. side, so as to keep the backside pattern of the card on outside and this beautiful design will be the design of the outside of the box
    • Bend another card in the same way, but it will be put on this side and you will bend it to make a lock on both sides
    • This has given you the first time. Check both sides of the tile have the pattern that you have on back side of the box
    • Do the same procedure to make 4 more tiles
    • Stick to playing card between two such tiles and keep connecting the tiles
    •  4 playing cards used to form a hinge will give you 4 sides of the box
    • Apply the same strategy to make the lid and the bottom of the box.


    And this will give you your playing card box. Use another hinge card to attach one side of the lid to the body of the box and the other side will remain open. Make a mark with the marker to remember which side to open. You can even use them your new playing cards storage boxes.

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